Support Sight

Retinoblastoma is a highly curable cancer, but it kills over 7,000 children every year, and destroys families. You can help change this.

With your help, we can increase awareness, access to medical care and family support, and save thousands of precious young lives.

Our programs are entirely funded by charitable donations, and we rely on your generous support to build a better future for these children.

  • Donate
  • Online, by post or in person. There are lots of ways you can donate to help us save the lives and sight of many precious children.

  • Volunteer
  • We need your help! Find out how the valuable gift of your time can make a big difference to the lives of children.

  • Corporate
  • We offer a golden opportunity to enhance brand loyalty, increase standings and motivate your employees, all while helping children to see a brighter future.

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