Seeing Rainbows - Gungun's Story

Doesn't she look pretty - my daughter Gungun, of the pretty eyes and beautiful smile, who stood 1st in Nursery this year.

Can you see the difference - her right eye is an artificial eye!

My baby was detected with retinoblastoma - eye cancer in June 2006 in Lucknow. They said her eye needed to be enucleated. We rushed from CSMMU Lucknow to AIIMS, DELhi and from there to Shankar Netralaya, Chennai. If we wanted to save her life we needed to take out her eye.

The next 2 years were full of ups and downs; treatment, side effects, tests, blood counts; despair and hope, mounting expenses, relocation from Kanpur to Lucknow. Dr Archana and her team were wonderful. She never let up loose hope.

Today my daughter is completely well & a 4 year Cancer Survivor . I have joined Cankids and work at CSMMU Lucknow, to offer hope and support to other families. To spread the message that Retinoblastoma is the most curable of all childhood cancers. That when detected in time , we can not just save the life, we can also save her vision.

Priti Rastogi,
Social Worker, and Parent Support Group Member,
Cankids .KidsCan, CSMMU Lucknow
Phone : + 91 9532971636

Seeing Rainbows - Neetu's Story

Detected with Eye Cancer 2 years ago, in Patna, misdiagnosed as Brain Cancer, the family went from pillar to post for 6 months, till they came to AIIMS- R.P Center in January this year.

She was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma and admitted there for a month in the initial phase of treatment. She lost complete vision in her right eye. They were referred to IRCH, to Dr Sameer Bakshi for 16 Chemotherapy cycles.

For the first 15 days they were on the pavement. They found CanKids. Today they stay at the CanKids Home Away from Home in Kotla; they are being supported for their medical treatment. Neetu's father has found himself a job as a private guard in Defence Colony. It is a long hard journey; but they are not Alone. CanKids will stand by them through the cancer journey; get young Neetu an artificial eye once her treatment is completed. Get her back to school.

Parents: Renu and Avdesh Singh
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