Retinoblastoma cases can have a 90% survival rate and yet, even 50% of the cases do not even reach a hospital. From a need for Artificial eye at CSMMU Lucknow, to extensive research, meetings & discussion with pediatric oncologist & ophthalmologists at LVPEI Hyderabad, AIIMS R. P. Center & IRCH, Sankara Netralaya Chennai & Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, we were able to conclude that RB care was a neglected component of Indian childhood cancer care.

The Sajeev-Cankids RB Fund was created in 2010 when Kanaka Sarpal generously offered to set up the fund in memory of her husband Sajeev Sarpal and bring a ray of light to children and families unable to understand, treat and cope with RB.

After evaluating RB centers throughout the country, the Cankids support team-identified issues that were hampering the appropriate care of retinoblastoma patients. As of April 2011, we had started funding RB on a center by center basis.
Families of Sajeev and Kanaka Sirpal &
Piyush and Ruchira Gupta
  • The aim is to increase awareness, ensure earliest detection and get the children to a RB center for proper diagnosis & treatment. At each center we are committed to ensuring full support to families - identifying and filling gaps in treatment.
  • Requests for funding may route through the Center or directly from families.
  • As with all other Medical Support offered by Cankids, support will only be offered after consultation and clarification from the treating Doctor.
  • For increased patient support, we will raise funds from our Adopt a Child Program.
The requirement for Funds and the working of the Fund will be reviewed every year. In phase I we are covering 5 of the 12 RB Centers in the country.We know further funding will be required, as we expand to cover other RB centers. We will seek further partnerships and add to the fund. An ongoing effort will be made to find further opportunities for funding and make the relevant arrangements, when the size of the Fund is to increase.

Our Programs:

A. Awareness
This is a crucial part of the program because in India around 50% of the RB patients do not even reach the hospital. Ideally, RB cases can have a 90% survival rate but due to late diagnosis and the lack of treatment the survival rate in India is very low. As a result, this is why with this program Cankids aims to:
  • Create public awareness about RB, reduce the need for radical surgery and improve the overall cure rate.
  • Create awareness that RB is a curable condition
B. Advocacy
We are committed to empowering RB treatment centres and medical professionals about the unique rehabilitation needs of these pediatric patients. We also will increase patient education in the RB centres to reduce abandonment and promote rehabilitation.

C. Patient Support
To determine the needs of each centre that treats RB patients and to set up the Sajeev Cankids fund for financial support to meet these needs. The assessment of these needs will be completed in a phased manner.
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