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According to Benita Sen and India's most highly regarded retinoblastoma specialists, "The lives of 95% of children who receive protocol-based treatment can be saved."
Keep an eye on your child's eyes: that white spot might be cancer
According to Ramandeep Arora, "The five year overall survival of children with retinoblastoma (all stages combined) is less than 50% in India while that in Europe and North America is 95% and above."
The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has issued the national guidelines in the management of retinoblastoma, which will help the practising ophthalmologists, paediatricians and general practitioners to diagnose......
According to Dr Bhattacharjee, B Barooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati (BBCI) also has state-of-the-art chemotherapy and other facilities for treatment of cancer.
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